How to Change Gmail Password?

Changing passwords every now and then has become very common among users. Sometimes this leads to forgetting of passwords, and resulting in not able to access the account. If you forget your Gmail account password, there are several ways available from Google for Gmail password recovery.

Setting up Alternate Phone Number or Email Address:

You have got to send some important mails or documents to your clients, and all of a sudden you fail to login your account. This is where keeping options for password recovery comes in handy. You will be able to get your hands on your important data quickly and securely as you regain access to your account through account recovery form. Your active mobile number or an additional email address will help users reset the Gmail password.

Is Your Gmail Account Hacked?

You must be well aware about this. Hackers are a bunch of highly skilled and intelligent tech geeks with wrong intentions, use various methods to compromise your account. In case, you Gmail account is hacked, don’t worry. Google has certain rules for this. To make certain or to prove that you are the actual owner of that Gmail account, Google will ask you a few questions. As the real Gmail account holder, you must possess certain information so that resetting a new password will not be a difficult task.

  • Answer the security question
  • Remember when you created your Gmail account
  • Latest password you remember
  • Mention time such as date, month and year – when you accessed your account
  • Mobile number or email address added to your Gmail account.

How to Change Gmail Password?

Before seeking professional help you can follow three simple steps.

1. When You Forgot Your Gmail Password:

Go to Gmail account recovery page. Enter your email ID as you check the “I don’t know my password”. Stick to the instructions and follow each step carefully to reset the password.

2. When You Want to Change Gmail Password:

Users of Gmail have the liberty to change their password when they want, at any point of time. To change Gmail password, log in to your account. Go to the "sign-in and security" section to select your password option.

3. Password Requirements:

Since hacking has become a major concern, it is important to keep your account safe and secure. Hence, Gmail has devised a set of rules to avoid your account from getting hacked. Rules including password needs to be of 8 characters, ideal being alphanumeric including symbols.

When Nothing Comes in Handy, We Come Into the Picture:

What if you adopted all techniques and tried everything, but in vain. You are then left with only choice – our technicians. Very talented, skilled and experienced, our tech savvy personnel provide immediate and secure solutions to all your Gmail account queries. We are a bunch of tech nerds working independently offering an array of technical support, security and hassle free service. Users can get in touch with us via phone number and avail help related to Gmail password reset.

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