How to Change Yahoo Mail Password?

If you are a Yahoo email user and have just encountered a problem while logging in, it is time to go for password reset.

Yahoo mail from the search engine giant, Yahoo, is a major email platform used by millions across the world. Since emails are password protected, it is wisely advised to change the password time to time. This way, your account stays safe and secure. As one changes the password regular intervals, failing to remember the active password has become an issue. When you forget your Yahoo password, you can recover the same by using your up-to-date contact info. If that procedure does not work out, you can still recover your Yahoo password by following some simple steps.

Yahoo Password Recovery Easy Way:

Forgot Yahoo mail password? Wait. Don’t freak out! Recovering password is easy. But before you go ahead and follow the instructions, check whether you are using the correct password or username or ID. Make sure that you are not making typographical errors in the fields. Also, keep an eye on the number lock keys and the caps lock option before putting the password. If everything is just perfect and you still are not able to log in, check out the simple steps -

  • Go to the login page of Yahoo and put your Yahoo email address and then click 'continue'
  • The next move is to click on 'forgot password'
  • You will get a page that states 'let’s get you into your account'
  • On this page you will need your Yahoo mail address to click 'continue'
  • Enter the CAPTCHA and click on 'submit'

Once you reach here, you will be asked to verify your identity. It can be done using any of the following options:

Security Questions: Make this option available for Yahoo password recovery. Yahoo will ask you to answer secret questions so that next time you forget your password, you will be able to reset it effortlessly.

Mobile Number: Add your mobile number to receive SMSs containing verification codes. If asked to put code, you can put the code and then verify. This way you can create or change your Yahoo password.

Alternate Email Address: Have an alternate email address? Get it added to your existing Yahoo mail account to recover your lost password.

Now you know how to change Yahoo mail password. In case, you are not able to do it yourself and need professionals’ help, resort to our third party Yahoo helpline option. We are an independent tech support company specialized in offering all kinds of Yahoo technical supports. Boasting a bunch of highly qualified and proficient technicians, we handle all queries efficiently and timely. Our certified professionals are the best of engineers who not only give a solution, but guide users to hold their nerve during the operation.

What Our Tech Geeks Say?

To receive instant Yahoo support or help, give us a call on the given phone number and get the best technical support. Our tech people advise to use a strong password using alphabets and numbers, change your passwords regularly, don’t abandon your account for more than a month and update your new contact info in case you change.

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